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2020 FAQ

When will practices start?: Practices will start on March 14th. Your coach will inform you of your practice times/days. Practices are held twice a week (one weekday and once on the weekend until games begin, then 1 day a week). Teams will not practice during the week once games start. Practices will be held at Allendale & Chestnut and Hitt Park. Keep in mind if Coaches have access to other baseball fields in surrounding areas, your practice MAY NOT be in Greenwood. (Coach's Discretion) 

What do I receive with registration?: Your son or daughter will receive a Dry-Fit shirt, a hat/visor, and a Memory Mate photo package. You will also receive entrance to the opening ceremony, a free Saturday morning clinic, and if your team qualifies, an end of the year Trophy/Medal and/or a spot on the All-Star Team in your division. Information for these items will be provided by your coach. 

For T-Ball you are responsible for tennis shoes/Athletic cleats, pants, bat, and helmet.
Coach’s Pitch, 3rd/4th grade, 5th/6th grade, 7th/8th and 9th grade you are responsible for tennis shoes/cleats, pants, bat, and helmet. 
*Wooden Bat League participants are responsible for tennis shoes/cleats, pants, wooden bat, and helmet

Can I request to be on a certain team?: New for 2020, you may ONLY request a coach/teammate IF you have a sibling in the same age division you are playing. Remember, you can play UP but not DOWN. Coaches are allowed to 'HOLD' up to 6 players from last year. All other players on each team will be placed into a lottery system and chosen randomly. 

I would like our two kids to be able to play on the same team, but they are different ages. Can I get them on the same team?  A younger player may play up a grade level. An older player may not play down a grade.

When do games begin?  Games will start the week of March 31st, 2020. 

Where can I find schedules?: All schedules can be found under “Sports” at www.greenwoodmoparks.com. They are typically posted a few weeks before the start of games.

I have signed my child up to play. What team are they on?  Children are placed by coaches, then the lottery system. Not every child will end up on their requested team. We do our best to meet all request. In every division, your coach will contact you with team placement. The FINAL placement of children on teams doesn’t happen until The Coaches Mandatory Meeting March 7th, 2020. Coaches will be in contact with parents after this date.  

We cannot practice on a certain night a week. Can I get on a team that doesn't practice that night?   We don’t set the schedule until teams are formed. There is no set schedule for divisions practicing on a certain night. Generally speaking, the coaches request a few nights they are available and we accommodate the best we can. Each team is given one weeknight and one weekend practice time. If you cannot make a practice night, work that out with your coach.

How much does it cost to play?   T-Ball is $105.00, 1st-12th Grade is $125.00 Discounts are applied to parents enrolling 2 or more children. NOTE: Our system ONLY allows you to register ONE child at a time. Once you sign up as a family and purchase the first player registration, the second and other registrations will be discounted automatically..

There seem to be fields sitting empty when a team could be practicing. Why is that? Teams are not scheduled to practice during the week once games start. However, your coach can check the field schedule and see if there are any openings and he/she can contact Scheduling at City Hall  to schedule practice time. It will be first come, first serve.

What color is my team?  The colors for the teams are the last thing that is decided. Until the teams are set and a few other things are worked out no one knows what color the team will be. Your coach will let you know after the Coaches Meeting. 

My child is on a competitive team, can they also play in the recreational league?   No child can play on a competitive team and play in this recreational league. Competitive players who sign up for recreation ball as well as competitive in the same season will be disqualified from Greenwood Baseball League immediately, and is subject to removal per the Sports Admin Team's discretion, with no refunds given. 

I want to coach/manage my child's team what do I do?  Please visit the Coach INFO page HERE There is a process behind approving coaches. Year over year the number of coaches is different for each division. It all depends on the number of kids in each division. Once the process is complete your league rep will let you know if you are allowed to coach. To receive approval, ALL coaches and managers need to pass a background check. Background Checks are $14, and should be paid by January 31st, 2020 to be considered. 

Sign ups and Background checks are required for ALL parent volunteers for EVERY team. This includes: Head and Assistant Coaches, Parent Volunteers, Team/Snack Parents, and any other parents who volunteer to work with and along side of the players and coaches. 

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